Flipstick Original - Black
Number: PR30127
Dimensions: 87.5cm
Max User Weight: 20st
Product weight: 500g

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£ 24.69
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The Flipstick is a dual-purpose walking cane comprised of a rigid, folding aluminium stem with a comfortable plastic seat/handle. A spring-loaded button securely locks the seat/handle in either the walking or sitting positions. Lightweight to carry, yet capable of safely supporting 130 kg (280 lbs). Constructed from 4 interlocking aluminium stem sections joined together with a polyester covered rubber shot cord running through the centre. The triangular shaped bag can be carried over the shoulder, around the waist or simply in the hand the perfect traveller's companion. Weight with bag 0.60kg / 1.33 lbs Weight without bag 0.50kg / 1.11 lbs Stick Handle Height 87.5 Max User Weight: 20 stone (130kg)
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