Lets Go Indoor Rollator - Beech/Silver/Black
Number: PR30285
Colour: Beech/Silver
Dimensions: Handle Height: 830-940mm, Length: 630mm, Width: 540mm, Tray Height: 680mm
Max User Weight: 16st
Product weight: 6kg

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Handle Height: 830-940mm, Length: 630mm, Width: 540mm, Tray Height: 680mm
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Lets Go Indoor Rollator

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£ 215.99
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The Lets Go Indoor Rollator is an entirely new and practical walking aid.

It is light, flexible and beautifully designed for indoor use in the home, hospital or care home.

It is comfortable to use and easy to manoeuvre over carpet and household thresholds, and it is perfect for getting into narrow spaces such as toilets and bathrooms.

The hand operated brakes are easy to apply and can be used as parking brakes.

The handle is soft and comfortable and can be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

The brakes are also linked together so that both brakes can be operated with just one hand.

The Lets Go comes with a useful carry bag and clip on tray, which is ideal for transporting drinks, plates or any other small light weight items from room to room.

The Lets Go can be neatly folded away when not in use or for transporting in a car.

A useful accessory in the hospital environment is the drip holder.

This optional extra is easily attached to the frame and allows the user to walk with a drip and a walking aid comfortably.

Aluminium finish with stylish beech appearance on the rear legs.
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